Members, Guest & Visitors Code Of Conduct

Mission Statement (Extract)
Bathgate Golf Club provides access to golf for players of all standards in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, age, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or disability. Our members needs are prioritised first and foremost, our sponsors enjoy the benefits of being associated with the club, guests & visitors are welcomed and all enjoy our course, professional, bar and catering services

Equality Statement (Extract)
Bathgate Golf Club is committed to the equitable and fair treatment of all members, guests, visitors, volunteers and present and potential employees. We are determined to ensure that every person regardless of disability, age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin or religious conviction has a genuine opportunity to participate to their full potential at all levels and in all roles within the club

Members, Guests and Visitors – Code of Conduct
Bathgate Golf club deems that upon payment of membership or green fees, all members, guests and visitors have given their consent to be bound by both the restrictions and penalties imposed by this code of conduct. Members shall be liable for any breach committed whether by themselves or their guests.

The intention of this is to establish clear and acceptable behaviour expectations for Bathgate Golf Club members, guests and visitors,
It is not intended to restrict the rights of anyone but rather to ensure that all members, guests and visitors can expect to be treated with respect while enjoying the Bathgate golf course and clubhouse.


Members must always act within constitution & bye-laws, club policies & procedures. These can be found on the club website and are available from the secretary’s office. No member shall be absolved from their effect on any allegation of not having received a copy.
Be respectful to all those you come into contact with at Bathgate Golf Club. Respect diversity, different roles and boundaries, and avoid giving offence. Do not engage in any form of sexual, racial, religious discrimination or harassment. Do not conduct yourself in any rude or immoral manner, including the use of profane language, gestures, insults or other such misbehaviour.
When using social media in connection with the club, its officials or members, do so in a manner which could not be deemed offensive. You are asked to consider the impact of publicly expressive negative issues relating to the Club, its officials or members on social media. Any such issues should be raised in line with the process outlined in this Code of Conduct for dealing with complaints and protests.
In no case shall a servant of the club be reprimanded directly by a member, or entitled to enter into discussion with a member on any instructions passed to them by the council.
As well as avoiding actual impropriety, conduct yourself in a manner which does not damage or undermine the reputation of the Club (especially when you are representing the club) and do not take part in any activity which is in conflict with the objects of the Club or which might damage the reputation of the Club.
On the Course

Avoid slow play, apply ready golf principles and allow other golfers to play through as appropriate.
Adhere to the dress code and observe proper golf etiquette as well as R&A and local rules of the course.
Respect the rights of other players and golf course staff. Golf course staff always have right of way when actively engaged in work on the course – do not play your ball if there is any risk to staff or equipment.
Respect the golf course, golf carts and obey all signage on the golf course.
Take pride in the physical appearance of the golf course as it is reflective of you as a member. Replace divots or use seed mix, rake bunkers and fix pitch marks.
Act honestly in all occasions during play. Conduct yourself in a sportsmanlike manner and do not knowingly cheat, throw clubs, disrespect employees, officials or fellow competitors
Mobile phones must be switched to silent on the golf course
In the Clubhouse

Respect clubhouse facilities
The use of foul or abusive language such as swearing has no place in the clubhouse and any member heard using unacceptable or offensive language will be asked to either stop or leave the premises. Where someone is observed consistently using bad language after being warned then their continued membership will be reviewed accordingly. Whilst fully acknowledging that adult banter contributes to increasing a healthy atmosphere amongst members, these rules are to safeguard others who should not have to hear language that they would not personally use or make people feel uncomfortable.
Smoking or the use of e-cigarettes is not permitted within any of the club buildings.
Be considerate towards others when using your Mobile phone in the clubhouse.
Complaints & protests (Extract)
All complaints must be made in writing addressed to the Secretary and signed by the person complaining. The Secretary shall submit all complaints and protests to the Council for consideration at a properly convened meeting or earlier if required. The decision of the Council shall be final and binding upon all concerned.

Disciplinary procedures (Extract)
Should the conduct of any Member of the Club either in the Clubhouse or on the Course give concern to the Council, either by observation or intimation and is such that the reputation of the Club may suffer as a result, the Council may take whatever action they deem fit to rectify the situation in terms of suspension or expulsion from the Club. Such member shall have the right of audience before the Council prior to any decision being taken and said decision reported to the Member in writing. In terms of discipline, the decision of the Council shall be final until such time as an Annual General or Special General Meeting of the Club by majority decision homologates the Council decision. Neither the Club nor the Council shall be liable for any claim at the instance of said Member in respect of suspension or expulsion

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