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World Handicap System Introduction

As many of you may be aware Scottish Golf have adopted a new handicapping system. This is to fall in line with the way the rest of the world work out their handicapping.

Although the following is quite specific and technical we believe that the software providers will help golfers know their handicaps.

Some main points to consider:
(1) Sign up to the Scottish Golf app
(2) Know your CDH number (Central database of handicap) available by e-mailing the office

Here are some of the important terms which you should become familiar with:

Handicap Index

Players will be awarded a Handicap Index (this replaces your existing handicap) and is based on the 8 best scores from their last 20 qualifying scores dating back three years. If a player has not submitted 20 scores, their H.I will be based on a proportionate number of scores.

Course Handicap

Every golf club has a Course Rating which indicates the difficulty of a golf course. Bathgate has been allocated a course rating of 71.7 from the white tees, 69.3 from yellow and 70.7 from red.
Each course also has a Slope Rating which indicates the relative difficulty of a golf course for players who are not scratch players compared to those who are scratch players. The average slope rating is 113. Bathgate has been allocated a slope rating of 129 white tees, 126 yellow and 127 red.
All golf courses are different with varying degrees of difficulty so before you play at any course, your Handicap Index will be converted into a Course Handicap. Each golf club will display a conversion table, specific to each set of tees on their course, for easy reference to convert your Handicap Index into a Course Handicap. Always check your Course Handicap before you play.

Playing Handicap

Your Playing Handicap represents the actual number of strokes the player receives for the round being played. It is calculated from the Course Handicap and adjusted for any handicap allowances or restrictions within the Terms of the Competition, for example 95% allowance for a strokeplay competition.